Air Barriers

Air Barriers

Air & Vapor Barriers

Air and Vapor Barriers are now recognized as an essential step to creating an energy efficient building. A successful air barrier requires so much more than just applying products to a wall. Building science and product technologies are constantly changing. We make it our business to understand the science, systems, new technologies and installation methods required to provide the best possible installation on your project.

Air Barrier System

An air barrier system is a system of building assemblies designed, installed and integrated in a way that stops the uncontrolled flow of air into and out of the building enclosure. Proper installation of an air barrier system is critical to long term building performance. Applying an air barrier correctly leads to reduced moisture problems, increased indoor air quality, reduced heating and cooling costs, improved acoustical isolation and results in a more sustainable and durable building.

Why Tailored Foam?

Correctly installing the air barrier system is critical to proper building performance. An incorrectly installed system can lead to continued air leakage and potential moisture problems. A complete understanding of system and performance requirements is needed to provide a continuous system. Tailored Foam is an Air Barrier Association of America (ABAA) certified installer. The certification process for ABAA contractors is very rigorous and requires extensive classroom work, testing, hands-on training, and field experience. . The contractor you choose for your air barrier installation is just as important if not more so than any other subcontractor on your job. The phasing of an air barrier must be coordinated with other trades so that the installation is phased properly. We have the knowledge, experience and the reputation that will give you the comfort level that you have placed your project in the right hands.